Sensitive Acupuncture for Your Self Care

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Why indigo?

Indigo Acupuncture was in part inspired by the beautiful Japanese tradition of shibori, a deep natural dying technique that is used to create beautiful images and patterns depicting harmony. The story of indigo dye around the world is as fascinating as the origins of Chinese Medicine, with its ancient roots and global influence (think blue jeans!). A kind of alchemy takes place in the careful preparation of the natural dye from its green plant source.

At our clinic, we use the traditional art of Japanese acupuncture to harmonise the body’s natural energy meridians. Care, precision, minimalism and finesse - all aspects of indigo we attribute to our practice.


Our Promises

Quality healthcare by dedicated practitioners that focuses on you, not just your diagnosis;

A safe and comfortable environment that promotes and enhances whole body wellbeing;

Individual, in-depth treatments for each person… because you are unique.